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These listings are for information only and, unless otherwise noted, are preliminary results. These preliminary results are updated at the conclusion of the firing of each match. Ties are not broken in preliminary results.

Refersh Frequency:
 Match 301   --   National F-Class SBR Metric Prone Championship
579 Hittle, James
2386-181  Civilian
566 Treder, William
2382-166  Senior, Civilian
549 Murphy, James
2378-159  Senior, Civilian
505 Williams, David
2373-162  Civilian, Intermediate Senior
583 Bordelon, R
2368-148  Senior, Civilian
589 Turcotte, David
2350-132  Senior, Civilian
512 Piotrowski, Mary
2240-107  Senior, Civilian, Woman
510 Pagliari, Samuel
1179-67  Senior, Civilian
703 Kern, Steven
0-0  Senior, Civilian
513 Pohlabel, Daniel
0-0  Senior, Civilian, Military Veteran
544 Adams, Keith
0-0  Senior, Civilian, Military Veteran
556 Hughes, Bill
0-0  Senior, Civilian

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