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Competitive Shooting Programs

These listings are for information only and, unless otherwise noted, are preliminary results. These preliminary results are updated at the conclusion of the firing of each match. Ties are not broken in preliminary results.

Refersh Frequency:
 Match 6113   --   F-Class Mid-Range - Open Rifle - Day 3 Agg
F-Class Mid-Range - Open Rifle - Day 3 Agg  
6120 Solomon, Bret
600-53High Master Senior
6034 Mayhall, Roger
600-47High Master  
6021 Johnson, Eric
600-44High Master Senior
6213 Stob, James
600-43Master Senior
6200 Pagan, Jason
600-37High Master  
6282 Bowling, Brian
6114 Allen, John
599-46High Master  
6011 Bramley, Madison
599-45High Master Woman, Junior
6246 Kokoszka, David
598-45High Master  
6145 Roberts, Clinton
598-39High Master Senior
6204 Harrold, Norman
598-38High Master  
6002 Ahrens, Shawn
598-34High Master  
6149 Davis, Robert
597-41High Master Senior
6173 Cochran, Jeff
597-39High Master  
6190 Conover, Jeff
597-39NoneMid-range Any-opticsSenior, Military Veteran
6007 Meyer, Joseph
597-38High Master  
6122 Christian, David
597-36High Master  
6111 Godman, Mike
597-34High Master  
6062 Traylor, Jeff
597-30High Master  
6285 Suhr, Brian
597-27High Master  
6088 Cordeiro, Joseph
596-40High Master  
6170 Phillips, Zoe
595-39High Master Woman, Junior
6113 Goltz, Troy
6226 Mayhall, Quinn
595-23High Master Junior
6089 Drass, Michael
6097 Hubbard, Scott
593-37Expert Senior
6209 Montgomery, Alan
592-34High Master Grand Senior
6087 Ritterling, Ethan
592-29High Master  
6249 Slichter, Geofrey
591-26Master Senior
6066 Rykhus, John
591-25High Master  
6028 Mitchell, Brian
591-23High Master  
6125 Harvey, Ed
588-23Expert Grand Senior
6183 Mekis, John
588-19Expert Senior
6184 Hankins, Al
0-0High Master Senior
6158 Plant, Bradley
0-0High Master Senior
6068 Rowe, Charles
0-0High Master  
6236 Burlette, Craig
6286 Decareaux, David
0-0High Master Senior
6032 Shelley, Edward
0-0High Master Grand Senior
6064 Bauer, James
0-0High Master Grand Senior
6167 Fairley, Joseph
0-0Master Senior
6090 Buatt, Louis
0-0High Master  
6103 Woods, Richard Cb
0-0High Master  
6072 Harrold, Tracy
0-0High Master Woman

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