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CHAMPIONSHIP ENTRY - NRA National Rifle and Pistol Matches

Competitive Shooting Programs

These listings are for information only and, unless otherwise noted, are preliminary results. These preliminary results are updated at the conclusion of the firing of each match. Ties are not broken in preliminary results.

Refersh Frequency:
 Match 6001   --   F-Class Mid-Range - Target Rifle - Grand Aggregate
F-Class Mid-Range - Target Rifle - Grand Aggregate  
6131 Rutherford, Drew
1791-96High Master  
6092 Kelley, Philip
6138 Bondurant, Jenniffer
1786-76High Master Woman, Senior
6052 Ramsey, Luke
1784-98High Master  
6128 Conrad, Keith
1782-84High Master  
6012 Whitfill, William
1781-82High Master Grand Senior
6155 Johnson, Alton
1781-80High Master  
6159 Utter, Jared
6061 Ernst, Steve
1772-78High Master Senior
6208 Grissom, James
1771-74High Master Senior
6032 Shelley, Edward
1760-68High Master Grand Senior
6233 Godman, Heather
1758-64Master Woman
6191 Harder, Brian
1753-56High Master  
6216 Abid, Ramsey
1749-67Master Senior
6106 Hunter, Duane
1749-53High Master  
6222 Hoxsie, Wayne
6109 Duvall, Aaron
1745-49High Master  
6096 Hobbs, Scott
1725-46High Master  
6218 Cox, James
1707-37Master Senior
6148 Sensibaugh, Randall
1626-27SharpshooterCiv. Service RifleGrand Senior, Military Veteran
6252 Victoria, Abigail
0-0High Master Woman, Junior
6068 Rowe, Charles
0-0High Master  
6215 Longley, Christopher
0-0High Master Senior
6193 Zebedies, Edward
0-0Sharpshooter Senior
6042 Berry, Ellis
0-0High Master Senior
6088 Cordeiro, Joseph
0-0High Master  
6153 Rowe, Kimberly
0-0High Master Woman
6292 Matthews, Phillip
0-0Master Grand Senior
6084 Littleton, Randy
0-0High Master Senior

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