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Competitive Shooting Programs

These listings are for information only and, unless otherwise noted, are preliminary results. These preliminary results are updated at the conclusion of the firing of each match. Ties are not broken in preliminary results.

Refersh Frequency:
 Match 531   --   Remington Trophy Match
1000 yds, slow fire, prone, LR target, 20 shots  
5114 Tubb, David
200-16High Master  
5076 Rowe, Kimberly
200-15High Master Woman
2020 Gill, Robert
200-15High Master Senior
5092 Graham, Jeffrey
200-14High Master Senior
5200 Colyer, Thomas
200-13High Master  
5204 Del Cotto, Mark
200-11High Master Senior
5060 Crawford, Norman
200-10High Master Senior, Military Veteran
5030 Smith, Raymond
200-10High Master Senior
5225 Mcdonough, Jerry
200-8High Master  
5152 Elsenboss, Amanda
199-14High Master Woman
5055 Lucchesi, Benjamin
199-12High Master  
5024 Mcnash, Douglas
199-11Unclassified Senior
5224 Kubic, Matt
199-11High Master  
5009 Crowe, Phillip
199-11High Master  
5160 Guercio, T
199-11High Master Senior, Military Veteran
5178 Vaughan, Bill
199-10High Master Senior
5014 Updike, John
199-10High Master  
5037 Milanovic, Oliver
199-10High Master  
5127 Iliff, Jerry
199-7High Master  
5073 Hoverstad, Keith
199-7High Master Senior
5046 Brock, Aubrey
198-12High Master  
5002 Little, Jack
198-12High Master  
5148 Jackovich, Kade
5069 Sokolowski, Jim
198-10High Master  
5011 Sollars, Larry
198-10High Master  
5129 Friguglietti, John
198-9High Master  
5161 Gallagher, Michelle
198-9High Master Woman
2009 Lewis, Dwayne
198-7High Master Military Veteran
5157 Hanrahan, Josh
198-5High Master  
5168 Pike, Randy
197-8High Master Senior, Military Veteran
5012 Steketee, Robert
197-8High Master Senior
5201 Lowe, Daniel
5039 Altman, Daniel
196-9High Master  
5028 Eason, Don
196-7High Master  
5111 Bertelsman, Fred
196-5High Master Senior
5199 Morris, Sean
5216 Anderson, Matthew
5003 James, Michael
195-10High Master Senior
5035 Jamison, Michael
195-8High Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5141 Kovalchik, Carl
195-6High Master Senior
5029 Hayes, Randy
195-6High Master Senior
5210 Mauer, James
5203 Henderson, Samuel
2001 Duitsman, Daniel
194-8Expert Military Veteran
5159 Roberts, Yvonne
194-8High Master Woman, Military Veteran
5208 Roher, Davis
5088 Cobb, James
193-8High Master Military Veteran
5128 Huskins, D
193-7High Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5164 Doll, Kenneth
193-7Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5025 Rhynard, Jon
193-5High Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5017 Odonnell, Robert
193-4Expert Senior
5175 Claypool, Harry
193-3High Master Senior
5195 Colston, Thomas
191-9Master Senior
5094 Sparks, Larry
191-7High Master Senior
5211 Scheer, Todd
5194 Stephens, Keith
190-11High Master  
5126 Singleton, Earl
190-9Expert Grand Senior
5179 Rortvedt, Steven
5163 Freeman, Samuel
189-4High Master  
2002 Mcwhirter, Cameron
5202 Goad, Robert
5058 Belitz, Jason
5062 Moyer, Jared
5184 Diehl, James
5059 Silos, William
185-5Sharpshooter Junior
2033 Ophoff, Steven
5102 Schwartekopf, Matthew
5038 Brocky, Stephen
179-2Sharpshooter Grand Senior
5048 Hagen, Ronald
176-2Sharpshooter Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5050 Churchill, Robert
175-3High Master Grand Senior
5118 Powers, John
173-4Marksman Grand Senior
5074 Sensibaugh, Randall
168-3Expert Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5131 Wallizer, Bryant
5043 Rowe, Charles
0-0High Master  
5077 Stone, Daniel
0-0High Master Grand Senior
5173 Agle, Edwin
0-0Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5206 Smith, Eric
0-0High Master  
5083 Krepela, Eugene
0-0High Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
5096 Baker, Jack
0-0Expert Grand Senior
2016 Kerby, John
5086 Mcnitt, Kelly
0-0Unclassified Senior
5045 Nevius, Kevin
5031 Mowrer, Nick
0-0High Master  
5172 Gregory, Randall
0-0High Master Senior
5223 Victory, Randall
0-0Master Grand Senior, Military Veteran
2004 Randolph, Randy
5123 Peasley, Robert
0-0High Master Grand Senior
5066 Mcgee, Shirley
5087 Mcgee, Steve
5183 O'rourke, William

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